Turf Laying in Torbay. Landscaping from the lawn landscapers.

Torbay Turf's turf laying service.

Torbay Turf and soil do offer a proffesional laying service including ground preparation. If we are to booked up to lay your lawn, we have a 2 excellent independant turf layers that can do it for you at a competitive price.

Our laying service is top quality and competitively priced however we do generate long waiting times so please book early to avoid dissapointment.

We offer free quotations for this service although we may offer to quote by phone/email if the lawn is very small.

Torbay Turf and soil's Turf Laying Tips

Torbay Turf can be laid ALL YEAR ROUND! The myth that turf should only be laid in warmer weather is actually really bad advise because winter is often the best time to lay your turf. There is no watering required in winter and by the time spring arrives, your lawn will be established. Frost will not harm the turf although you should make sure your ground is firm when there is no frost. In Spring and Autumn the turf will root quickly and the turf is looking amazing but you will need to water with a hose. Summer time is fine to lay turf although it will need significant amounts of watering when the weather is very hot.

Note: In +18c temperatures, the turf needs to be laid within 24 hours of delivery. Below 10c temperatures, the turf can last up to 5 days.

Make sure you've prepared the ground well before the Torbay Turf delivery arrives. Remove as many weeds, large rocks and old turf as you can. The dense turf will do a good job of supressing weeds. There is no point in treating the ground with weed killer if you cant see any weeds. You can always you a selective weed killer on the lawn once it has established. Any bulbed plants you have are generally quite strong so remove all of the bulbs that you can find.

Try to rake off any large stones, rubble or building rubbish, all these items will prevent proper rooting. - If in doubt, consult Torbay Turf and Topsoil about a dumpy or two of premium quality topsoil to be sure of a decent level of padding and spectacular growth.

If you experience a delay in laying your Torbay Turf, you must attempt to keep the turf moist. This should be done unrolled in your driveway if possible.

Once you've started to lay your turf:

Place a plank of wood down the first row so you avoid treading on the grass surface - If you do walk on the turf, this will almost certainly cause the lawn to be uneven.

Try to lay the rows so that they resemble a brick wall, staggered so that before the turf knits together, the eye will not pick up grids of light and dark.

Once you've completed the lawn area, trim the edges and WATER heavily so that the roots can bind with Torbay Turf's Topsoil as soon as possible.

Avoid walking on the grass except for watering for the next two weeks.

After two weeks, your first cut should be no more than a third of the length of the grass!

After a month you can be more aggressive with the cut, dealing with a mature lawn can be a less delicate flower and lawn fertilizer applied biannually will work wonders on keeping your Torbay Turf in tip-top shape.

For tips about  preparing the ground with Torbay Turf's Topsoil prior to laying your Torbay Turf ...