Soil in Torbay. Dry, Screened Soil Suppliers in Torquay & Paignton

Torbay Turf and Soil stock 100s of tons of high quality brown soil.

All of our soil is screened through a giant vibrating sieve to eliminate stone and unwanted debris. The screened soil is then transported to our dry storage facility and stockpiled to cope with busy periods when it is too wet to screen.

soil can be delivered in loads from 2 to 20 tons on a tipper truck.

We also offer builders type dumpy bags of soil, delivered on a lorry with a crane to unload them.

Rich, organic soil, screened, sandy loam, free from large stones, for blending with top quality manure, in small or larger quantities, our Torbay Turf Topsoil is the best.

Whether you'll be using our soil for landscaping or lawn turf, we can offer advice and the blends for the best fertility.

"Thank you Torbay Turf and Topsoil! ... the flowerbeds are blooming great in Torbay! The veggies grew faster than we could eat them and our neighbour's grass scorched in July, while ours stayed green!!" Terry J, TQ9

Torbay Turf and soil's tips for preparing the ground for soil and turf:

Other than ordering your soil from Torbay Turf and Topsoil, you'll need a rake, time and a strong back!

Dig your area over or rotovate your soil to about 4-6" deep to aerate the earth and get the worst of the rocks out. Small stones do not need to be removed. If the existing soil is poor quality, level it to the best of your ability and then dress it with 1-2" of Torbay Turf's blended soil. This dry stored soil will also help to create a perfectly level base. If you are using a landscaper, they will know best if your garden requires a dressing of soil..

When you're  satisfied the ground is pretty level, shuffle over the entire are with your feet close together to compact it and reveal any new dips you missed.

Give it another rake, scrubbing off any high areas and scattering a little soil in any hollows.

There you have it. A perfectly prepped brown lawn ready for turfing.

For tips about laying your Torbay Turf with Torbay Turf's Turf Laying Tips after you've prepped your surface for your Torbay Turf ...