Top Quality, Weed Free, Seeded Turf in Torbay


Roll of Turf in TorquayTorbay Turf and Topsoil grow some of the highest quality seeded and Shade Tolerant lawn turf in the region.

Premium Cultivated Turf

We use hi-tech equipment and the latest innovations and products to grow and maintain our turf. The Turf is given 12months to mature before it's harvested and delivered for lawns throughout Torbay and the South Hams.

Our Turf is grown from high quality seed, purpose mixed to thrive in our local soils. This seed results in a very different grass than the agricultural ryegrass found in Meadow Turf. Our seeded Turf is supplied freshly cut, weed free and delivered by our own helpful delivery drivers and not those of a pallet delivery company. Our drivers are all experienced in the turf trade and can help with advice for your ground preperation, turf laying and aftercare for your lawn.

Our Premium cultivated turf is seeded in early Aprill on brown loam topsoil, specialy prepared with a grader and stone burier. We only use the highest quality seed cultivars to produce healthy, durable and astheticaly pleasing turf as you can see from the roll Emma is demonstrating on the left.

over the folowing couple of months the germinating seed bed is fertilized and treated for weeds. Once it has sufficiantly established, it is mowed continuously, at least twice a week untill mid October. Throughout this time, the turf is also regularly rolled, fertilized, treated for weeds and the protection against disease.

By the Autumn the turf is imaculate in apearance and could be harvested however it is left for a further 6 months to mature. With a comprehensive maintainance program and the additional time to generate a healthy, mature root structure, Premium Cultivated Turf from Torbay turf is a Top Quality Product.

Torbay Turf in Devon

Meadow Turf

We do not promote the use of meadow turf for domestic lawns. Meadow turf is just a farmers pasture field that is mowed, given minimal treatment and harvested. Even if it is completely weed free on delivery, the coarse ryegrass allows weeds to thrive again in very little time and the ryegrass can grow out of controll and in clumpy formations throughout the garden. Meadow turf can be used for grass verges where it can be maintained with commercial flail mowers.

Dura-Shade Turf

Torbays Turf's Supreme Dura-Shade turf has a first class appearance. The Turf is grown with POA Supina, which is the most shade tolerant grass species available, making the turf a perfect choice for small enclosed gardens or lawns with overhanging trees. Our Supina turf has an outstanding bright green colour. It's also extremely durable. Please contact us if you require any further information.

Dura Shade Turf In Torbay Dura Shade Turf In Torbay Dura Shade Turf In Torbay